Sandy Hook Tragedy………

I am speechless by the senseless tragedy that took place today. When I am angry or sad I tend to want to write my thoughts down, it’s something that helps me sort out things. What can one say when something so senseless as this happens? Why? you ask yourself why? Apparently from what we know a 24 year old male came into this school and killed the principal and his Mom who was a teacher, along with 20 other children,and other adults, how could this young guy be so disturbed that he could do this, he also killed his brother back at their home in Newtown.  All I can say is that I hugged my daughter so hard that she asked me what was wrong, I did not share with her what happened I don’t ever want her to feel that this could happen to her going to school, her school is locked down, it’s so secure that you can’t get to the kids with out being registered, at first this made me feel weird but I really appreciate this today and understand why. We may never have any answers to this senseless tragedy especially since this cowardly young man took his own life.  What will the parents do who have lost their children, how do you put the pieces together, I’ve lost a lot of my family members and I can’t even imagine loosing my child! Most of the Christmas gifts have been brought for these children, the parents must be just devastated….. I don’t know whether to be angry or sad, all I know is that a nation mourns today and that speaks volumes in itself. God Bless all of the people that have been affected by this horrid tragedy!



2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Tragedy………

  1. that is very scary cause I have a child thats in school and I dont know what I would do if someone ever hurted or killed her I would flip out thats pretty bad when you are afraid to send youre child to school I worry everyday if something would happen like that in this area and alo=t of times I dont want to send her but I have to thats sad

    • sobermoms says:

      Dear Louise,
      Thanks for your comment. Remember these are really very isolated incidents, and we just can’t live in fear every time something as tragic as this happens. I also have a 9 year old daughter and I would also freak out and I to worry everyday when I drop her off at school. We can only hope and pray that this type of situation will never touch us, it is very hard to grasp as a parent. Best wishes for 2013.


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